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A man buys his first house in Spain with bitcoins

For the first time in Spain, a man has bought a flat with bitcoins. It has happened this Wednesday in Tarragona. The man, an investor who decided to buy this digital currency with the money of an inheritance, has paid 40 bitcoins for an attic of the Imperial Plaza Tarraco valued at 550,000 euros.

The floor was sold by Mister Piso real estate agency. As explained by Cadena SER Gerard Platero, the director of the office in Tarragona, an investor went to visit them "and after seeing the floor, he proposed to buy it with bitcoins". According to Platero, the seller has not had any problem.

After the agreement, and through the system of purses used with bitcoins - a kind of checking account - buyer and seller have made the transaction in seconds. Now, explains Platero, "you just have to go to the notary to formalize the sale."

Lucky investment

The man would have decided to buy bitcoins with the money with the money of an inheritance when they had a cost of approximately 3,000 euros. Throughout this 2017, however, the price of the currency has increased exponentially to exceed the 14,000 euros currently.

Platero explains that, since the currency has a much lower commission than the rest, "everyone has won".

Mar 26, 2018

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